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Ulônga [iwoyo: to teach] is our experimental physical space dedicated to art and design education and artistic residency and exchange. Ulônga encompasses a growing library curating books on Angolan, African and Afrodescendant Art, Design, Literature, History and Philosophy, enriched by meaningful contributions from other cultures in the world, a reading room, a multi-purpose learning and work space, a rooftop terrace for cinema screenings and events and facilities for Residence.

Located in Morro Bento, within the busy 15-km inner city radius of Luanda (8 million+ inhab.), Ulônga is our base and proposes to be a space of constructive artistic and cultural learning and interaction. Follow Ulônga’s activities in Library in the Making and Cinematheque.

NOTE: Due to the safety measures and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, expected to be effective throughout 2022, physical activities at Ulônga will start at a date to be announced.

Rua 21 de Janeiro,
em frente ao Hotel Ágata
Morro Bento, Luanda

Future Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 – 15:00h