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Our Think Tank is an independent creative environment dedicated to collaborations with industry professionals on research-based projects.


We aim to explore our ancestral and contemporary relationships with Art, Design, Culture and Identity, develop research based on our collaborative discussions and findings and produce knowledge that is meaningful to our context and society, capable of raising questions, transmitting know-how and sharing resources on the presence, potential and diversity of our cultural wealth.


We believe in the close linkages between art, design, situated thinking and technology, and seek, through our research, to generate awareness on these links and how they can genuinely and creatively reflect our urban and rural realities, stimulating like-minded initiatives in the hearts and minds of the persons and sites of our research and artistic interventions.


Being a Lugânzi Think Tanker is an opportunity to share space and ideas with other creatives, discover new skills and practices, and gain knowledge in your own area of expertise or field of study. To join our platform, please contact us through


The results of every project are presented in a digital publication available for free download.

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