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Promoting access to knowledge and information for this and the next generations of academics, artists and creatives is the main goal of our programs Cacimbo and Campus in Campus.

Our programs are centered on research, knowledge sharing and knowledge production supported by the digital resources of The Living Archive and physical resources of our experimental space Ulônga.

Aware that we seek to reach an audience that is largely young and living in communities with limited access to artistic, cultural and educational resources, mobility is key to our experience. We aim to be where people are.

We do that through our public spaces Mobile Realities, which aspire to take art to new audiences, stimulate creative thinking and originate two-way learning environments where research and discussions encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and reciprocity between students and academics, communities and creatives.


NOTE: Due to the safety measures and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, expected to be effective throughout 2022, the physical program will only take place in a very reduced form.


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