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Lugânzi [iwoyo: roots] is an independent artistic initiative focused on the research, production and digital publishing of knowledge sustaining Art, Design, Culture and Identity in Angola.

Our purpose is to transform our artistic, creative and cultural heritage into a free digital archive and research and publishing platform for creatives, professionals, researchers and academics in the Angolan Arts, Culture and Creative Industries, disseminating also educational opportunities and resources for its students, agents, operators, apprentices and artisans.

We believe that having access to information about our ancestral and contemporary arts, languages, thinking, beliefs and customs is vital to knowing and valuing who we are as a nation of diverse peoples, cultures and backgrounds.

We aim to research, produce and share knowledge that reflects and nourishes the peoples in the sites, centers and peripheries of our urban and rural realities.

From the wisdom of our oral traditions to the discourse of our contemporary arts, we are rooted in Angola and open to full participation. We are physical, digital and mobile in our endeavor and we aspire to make culture evident, art accessible and education an experimental and emancipating process supported and reciprocated by like-minded initiatives and the public at large.