Guidelines for publishing

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Guidelines for publishing

The purpose of our publishing format is to increase the readership of your written work. For that reason, we follow a format not unlike a book, where the reader is immediately drawn from the title and author to the content.

At this stage of our project, we accept published or unpublished essays, short papers, conversations or interviews, as well as associated images, videos or audio recordings.

Author Rights  
The author, project title and area (field of knowledge) are mentioned on the website. The name of the PDF for free download makes reference to the author’s intellectual property as ©Author. For more information, please consult our take on Author Rights, Fair Use of your published work by our users and the Angolan Law on Copyrights and Related Rights, Lei 15/14 Dos Direitos de Autor e Conexos.

We look forward to receiving your essay, short paper, conversation or interview at

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