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Mobile Realities

Mobile Realities designates the movement of people and their contexts in the city of Luanda. It’s our everyday experience of the flows of circulation around the city.

Just as we circulate from one person, neighborhood or community to another to build the relationships that sustain our lives, so must art and knowledge circulate in order to exist and to grow.

The circulation of art and knowledge from its centers of production and distribution — ateliers, studios, galleries, archives, museums, public and private libraries, universities, institutes, cinemas and theaters — to viewers, listeners and readers is one of the biggest challenges we face, one that requires making communities aware that such resources exist and are or can be freely available.

The fact that many communities are organic, under-resourced and largely sustained by itinerant informal economies means that any step in their direction must be mobile, versatile and accessible to reach people on the go or keep up with the dynamic flow of informal urbanization and rural dispersion.

Focused on knowledge sharing, research and production, we believe in engaging communities through art and in the power of art to engage communities in seeing their realities through critical and creative eyes, opening opportunities for people to express their ideas and form their values, as agents of their own change.

As a multifunctional artistic intervention targeting togetherness and groupwork, Lugânzi’s Mobile Realities can function as a pop-up exhibition, film screening, performance, workshop, library and study center. We aim to reach everyone, especially young people.

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