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Library in the Making proposes to be a library specialized in Angolan, African and Afrodescendant Art, Design, Literature, History and Philosophy, enriched by meaningful contributions from other cultures in the world. We aim to create a collection of books that can be consulted by arts and humanities students from secondary school to university, and the public in general, including also a children’s book section of lovingly selected works.

Please consult available hard-copy and digital books at Recommended Reading.

Our library also hosts a Cinematheque collecting culturally significant films from Angola, Africa and other parts of the world.

Support us by recommending or donating a book or film.

NOTE: Due to the safety measures and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, expected to be effective throughout 2021, the library and the cinematheque will open to the public at a date to be announced.


by appointment only

Rua 21 de Janeiro
Morro Bento


Recommended Reading